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Small mercies of the universe

Receiving a free tub of Dairy Farmers Country Vanilla Cream Yoghurt at Bondi Junction station. just what i was in the mood for, and delicious.

found the following article this morning...

The next time you purchase a plastic container full of delicious fruit flavoured yogurt processed by the award winning Dairy Farmers, please have a quick look at the ingredients.

Thick & Creamy 100% Australian

Apart from the usual ingredients such as concentrated milk, sugar, fruit and the like, you might also notice HALAL(1) gelatine. Gelatine as you probably know is a colourless, nearly tasteless and odorless substance, which is commonly, used in food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic manufacturing.

Gelatine is a protein extracted usually from the connective tissues of animals such as cows. Now, HALAL in this context means simply that the cattle from which this protein was extracted was slaughtered according to Islamic law – Sharia.

You may wonder at this stage why I have an issue with Sharia compliant gelatine and so I have to explain that I do not have a problem with Halal gelatine per se but with the fact that I purchased my yogurt in a Coles supermarket, from a shelf, which was NOT marked HALAL PRODUCTS.

There are two reasons why I have a problem with that. The first reason is the way in which the animals are slaughtered by Muslim butchers. Halal slaughter is unnecessarily cruel and highly offensive to those concerned about the welfare of animals. Oh, I understand that there are religious reasons for it and I respect other people’s religious feelings and customs. I strongly object however when I have to participate in these customs without my consent or even knowledge (most people do not read labels).

You see you can always observe Kosher meat products clearly labelled. They may have a special place, a shelf in a supermarket in some areas where there is a larger Jewish community but they are not sold as the main-stream merchandise, without appropriate signs.

Halal gelatine, however, has found its way into my diet by stealth.

Secondly, I object to Sharia and I object to this law being introduced to Australia, by the back door, by stealth. Some people may argue that it is not a big deal, – that it’s a harmless exercise.
Simple economics you may say - instead of producing Halal food just for 1.5% of Muslims, it is so much easier to feed the entire population with standard food formulas.

Is it?

You may probably know that there are 5 different schools of Sharia and these schools may vary when it comes to some rulings but they all have their main rules in common and among others they all prescribe DEATH as the punishment for apostates, homosexuals and female adulterers. All of these schools agree that the husband may scourge (this is the literal translation from the Qu’ran) his wives and most of these schools recommend female circumcision.

Some banks in Australia already run Sharia compliant financial services, some universities already provide Muslim-Only toilets on their premises and now, it appears, we are to consume Halal compliant yogurt, without being told in advance.

Well, I am not buying it – literally. For me it means boycott of ALL Dairy Farmers goodies.

The Australian Consumers Association and democracy supporters should hear alarm bells ringing here and protect the citizens in this country.

eta: from the comments section in the same article, the following products are also halal

1) Dairygood Bulla Light Sour Cream.
2) Paul's sour Light Cream.
3)Weightwatchers Extra Light Sour Cream.
4)Bulla Thickened Light Cream.

1)Nestle Diet Yoghurt
2)Ski D'Lite
3)Yoplait Lite
4)Yoplait No Fat
5) Vaalia Low Fat

AND, from the Cadbury website, a list of Halal certified products...

6x0 Eggs Crate
Red Tulip After Dinner Mints
Boost Bar
Bournville Cocoa – Cocoa Powder
Brazil Nut
Bulk Eggs
Bulk Solid Egg Cylinder
Cadbury Almonds
Cadbury Choc Coated Almonds, Fruit & Nut, Peanut, Sultanas
Cadbury Flake Gift Box
Cadbury Fruit & Nut
Cadbury Fruit, Nut & Candy
Cadbury Heritage Millennium Block
Cadbury Peanuts
Cadbury Scorched Almond
Cadbury Scorched Peanut
Cadbury Sultanas
Caramello Koala
Carnival Casket
Cashew Block
Dairy Milk Freddo with Rice Crisps
Choc Basket & Eggs
Chocettes – Cadbury Dairy Milk, Crunchie, Dream, Picnic, Top Deck
Chocolate Mini Egg
Circus Train
Cooking Dark Chocolate
Crunchie Pick “n” Mix
Dairy Milk Whirl
Dairy Milk with Crunchie pieces
Delight Chocolate
Dream – Dream Almonds, Dream with Cookies, Dream Breakaway, Dream Hazelnut Truffle, Rabbit
Drinking Chocolate
Easter Egg Cylinder
Egg Crate, Pack, Foiled, Mary, Solid
Flake, Flake Noir
Freddo - Cadbury Dairy Milk, Milky Top, Milky White, Dream
Fruit & Nut
Furry Friends
Gold Chocolate
Happy Easter Casket, Cylinder
Happy Rabbits
Harlequin Casket
Hazelnut Praline
Hazelnut Whirl
Heart Casket
Heart of Eggs
Hide & Seek Bag
Honey Comb Crisp
Horseshoe, Lucky
Humpty Dumpty
Milk Tray - Hazelnut Whirls
Marble, Marble Breakaway
Marching Bunnies
Milk Chocolate Eggs
Milk Cooking Chocolate
Milk Eggs
Milky White Chocolate
Mini Egg Gift Pack
Old Gold Roast Almond
Old Gold-Old Gold Fruit & Nut, Old Gold Macadamia
Peppermint Truffle
Rabbit - Bag, Carnival, Cheeky, Easter, Elegant, Junior Elegant, Giant Sitting, Dream Rabbit
Red Tulip Egg Milk
Roast Almond
Roses Hazelnut Caramel
Roses Hazelnut Whirl
Royal Bunnies
Santa Block (Cadbury Dairy Milk)
Three Wishes
Time Out
Time Out Pic “n” Mix
Top Deck
Triple Decker Block
Twin Bunny
Twin Heart Casket
Twirl Export
Twirl Pic “n” Mix
Twirl Special Treats


should the wind change


joe and i were supposed to go to the beach yesterday but he had to go see his friend's baby so he didn't get to my place until about 6 and it had gotten a bit chilly by then so we just went and had dinner on campbell parade. like i know it's only been 2 and a half years since i've seen him but omg he looks exactly the same. since i saw him last he quit his job with survivor international. a while back on msn he told me'd dated someone pretty famous... i didn't ask to be polite but omg i want to know who it is.

we hung out at my place afterwards listening to music and smoking... all this time i've known him and i didn't know he smoked or did drugs, it was only because i admitted to them first. ~strange~. nothing happened between us, but i also didn't tell him about rory and i kinda feel bad like i'm hiding it, and i'm not, i just never really had the opportunity to bring it up, and i didn't want to just throw it out there because it would be presumptious of me, like the only reason he came to visit was to hook up. but i will tell him, and he will meet rory of course. on boxing day we're going to drive up to the northern beaches and chillaaaax.


gerard butler is one of my recently discovered hotties....

yeah i saw 300 and knew he was hot, i'm not headless, but i hate beards so he didn't register that highly

but now sans beard i can see what a fool i was for not noticing earlier!!!!


ok there was a paul rudd picture post on ohnotheydidnt and i am again reminded of the flawless beauty that is paul rudd. i want to marry him.

you may remember this saucy snapshot from one of my legendary hottie posts...

i think i may have to reintroduce the hottie posts... y/n??




Fruity metro guy: My truck makes this crazy noise whenever I brake.
Mechanic: What's the make of your truck, son?
Fruity metro guy: White.
Mechanic: No, son, the make.
Fruity metro guy: Truck.
Mechanic: The make, son, the make.
Fruity metro guy: 1997. There, I've just told you everything I know about my truck.
Mechanic: Who made your truck? Ford? Nissan?
Fruity metro guy: Oh, you mean the brand. It's Ford.
Mechanic: A truck ain't a pair of jeans, son.

--Lower East Side